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Like you didnt see this one coming...

You are a very happy and sweet person with lots of talents. You look up to your friends a lot and you love hanging around them. You're very self-confident and never hesitate to speak your mind. You can be a bit over dramatic sometimes, but you're usually just playing around. ^.~

Which Gravitation Character Are YOU?
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it was the question of where you see yourself in 10 years. Well married with kids to an older man in a big house...duh...Jarrad's older then me by about 6 months XD and I am NOT overdramtic...*eyes jay* ...ok ok...nevermind..:P

Why am I always the straight chic of the gay shows T.T oh well it doesnt matter cuz Tohma + Nori + ferris wheel= ruined panties.

(I take it back Im either the dominant straight chic or the overly Seme guy *muhahaha*)
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