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Meme with pics cuz I got bored lol

Kit and Kuma tagged me and I'll do it cuz I love then <33

10 fictional characters that I would screw 4 ways of sunday

1. Link: Legand of Zelda - Hot, pissy, and kicks major ass

2. Dark Link: Legand of Zelda - kicks Link in the nuts then ass rapes him good *drool* I wouldnt do him, I'd just want to watch XD
Image hosted by

3. Kurama: Yu Yu Hakusho- Suave, Smexy, turns into a hot fox, Has red hair, and a fucking rose whip *drool* Not to mention he's doing Hiei *smirk*

4. Hiei: Yu Yu Hakusho- BAD ASS, Black Dragon Tattoo, Neopolian complex, what's not to love? Plus he's doing Kurama o.0
Image hosted by

5. Albel NoxImage hosted by Star Ocean Til the End of Time: Hostile, pissy, mean, evil,natural red eyes, two tone hair and wears a skirt and thigh highs. "keep your distance. Your stupidity is contagious."

6. KougaImage hosted by Inuyasha- Cuz he's all like "You. Mine" to Kagome and isnt as whiny as that BITCH Inuyasha...And he has a tail and wears next to nothing <3

7. SesshomaruImage hosted by Inuyasha - Uh...cuz he's bad ass and gets away with purple eyeliner, a fluff, and one the whole "single dad" thing is SO cute and sexy <333

8. Hazuki DanteImage hosted by From the minds of my friend, Aaron (orginally), Created WAY better by me, and refined by Becca- Smart, bad ass, Tattooed and found it ok when his male fiancee woke up as a girl XD

9. Zelos WilderImage hosted by Tales of Symphonia GC version- Long red hair,magic user, arragont, slutty, tratorius. Mmm red hair...*drools at Kurama too*

10. BongunImage hosted by Ragnarok Online the game-Undead devoted male lover chinese ghost..thing. Not ZOMBIE..really. They were called more along the line of Vampires or Demons like Incubi. Sexy and called be trained as pets *evil laugh* As along as you feed him, he'll do anything you want ^^;;;Really cool fighter. Kicks major ass ^^

Im not tagging do it if you want
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