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God Mod'n

Well I have a question: if you have an RPG game...and you're a mod with 2 chars. On the board, 8 out of 13 RPG post are yours. Aren't you a bit greedy? This is why i dont get into games like that anymore. The mod wants to always always ALWAYS hog the board. It's like...if you arent RPGing with them, then you arent RPG. The might as well remove the basic title of the game and call it *insert char's name here* RPG: Cuz no matter what, the story is about me. -.- I dont know which is worst. Doing that intentionally or just being such a bad mod that people arent even excited about the game anymore. No matter what, people should be interested in the's decided. I'll be opening up some kinda game soon.

OC (Original characters) only. I want people to use their brains. Fan based games are fun but once you played a character SO much in the same bland setting, there's nothing to it but repeating yourself over and over...just finding new suckers to listen to you. once I get the story typed up, ill post it around. I dont want any Naruto's, Yuki's, or Tohma' Sasuke's Inuyasha's or Shuichi's...all of which have been overplayed so much, it makes my heart hurt.
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